3D Print Your Way to a More Organized Home with These 10 Items

Collecting the right items to organize your home in an ideal way is never an easy task, whether due to the things that you need not coming into mind right away, or due to the items that you’ve thought of not being available for purchase anywhere you look.

To help you keep things nice and tidy without going through the hassle of obtaining the items, we have compiled a list of 10 3D printable items that will help you organize your home in ways that you’ve never thought about before, which you can produce in the comfort of your own home.

Let’s begin!

Modular Drawer Organizer

We can all relate to how quickly drawers can get messy, partly due to having way too many things to store and never having enough space and partly due to laziness and not getting around to organizing the drawers routinely to keep things tidy, which usually leads all the way to the point where it’s impossible to find anything in the drawers at all.

Fortunately, if you’ve been searching for an easy way to restore order to your drawers, you’re in luck, as your 3D printer is perfectly capable of helping you to get rid of this mess once and for all!

modular drawer organizer
Source: wbu42 @ Thingiverse(CC BY 4.0)

This 3D-printable modular drawer organizer system, which consists of pieces that make it possible to divide your drawer into multiple compartments in the exact layout you want, is the perfect tool to keep your drawers completely organized at all times, allowing you to categorize your items and preventing them from being scattered around every time you open or close the drawer.

Created By: wbu42

Find It At: Thingiverse

Foldable Wall Hook

Every now and then, there are moments when we think to ourselves that having a hook or two on the wall would be pretty handy for storing things, whether it’s to hang a coat or backpack quickly when necessary or to make extra space in the kitchen for all sorts of accessories ranging from pans and pots to cleaning brushes.

foldable wall hook
Source: Tattooed1980 @ Thingiverse(CC BY 4.0)

Now, with this wall hook that you can produce in the comfort of your own home with your 3D printer, you’ll be able to the create storage spaces you have been thinking about all this time but never got around to purchasing the hooks for, on any wall in your home and as many you like.

Additionally, thanks to their convenient design, you can fold the hooks in when you aren’t hanging anything on them, making them look much more decorative.

When printing these wall hooks, one critical thing to pay attention to is to refrain from using PLA filament and go for something more robust such as PETG or ABS, especially if you plan on hanging heavy objects on the hooks, as PLA may not be strong enough to handle the load.

Created By: Tattooed1980

Find It At: Thingiverse

Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

Getting all the toothpaste out of a toothpaste tube is never an easy task, and combined with the exhaustion of either newly waking up or preparing to go to bed, it’s usually simpler to grab a new tube and save the hassle of squeezing the old one for a more opportune time.

Of course, we all know that such an opportune time never really comes around, and suddenly multiple mostly-but-not-completely-used toothpaste tubes are cluttering the bathroom.

toothpaste tube squeezer
Source: ottenjr @ Thingiverse(CC BY 4.0)

This 3D-printable toothpaste tube squeezer is designed precisely with this problem in mind, which makes it super-easy to squeeze all the toothpaste out of the tube without exerting yourself too much while also preventing the tube from unrolling, meaning that you will be able to say goodbye to all the half-used toothpaste tubes in your bathroom!

Created By: ottenjr

Find It At: Thingiverse

Cable Organizer

Cables are, without a doubt, the least favorite parts of electronic devices for a lot of people, especially for those who make an extra effort to keep their homes tidy, as they can quickly stack up once a few devices are plugged next to each other and create a visually displeasing mess.

cable organizer
Source: Papos98 @ Thingiverse(CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

This simple and practical 3D-printable cable organizer, which you can fix somewhere, such as a TV console, allows you to clip a bunch of cables together to keep them in one place, making them look tidy and preventing them from getting tangled with each other.

Created By: Papos98

Find It At: Thingiverse

Bag Clip

We can all relate to having some unsealed bags of food in our kitchen that slowly spoil due to the oxygen coming in, whether it’s a half-eaten bag of chips or a bag that contains spices or herbs for cooking, as there are never enough containers to keep everything nice and sealed.

Luckily, there is a convenient 3D-printable solution for this problem too!

bag clip
Source: MasterFX @ Thingiverse(CC BY-NC 4.0)

This bag clip, which you can 3D print a considerable number of in a short amount of time for all of your unsealed bags, makes it the most straightforward task in the world to seal an open bag of food completely, ensuring that there won’t be any oxygen coming in to spoil the food.

Additionally, as this bag clip comes in three different sizes, printing a few of each size should be a good idea to prevent a scenario where the bag clip you have at hand isn’t large enough to seal a particular bag.

Created By: MasterFX

Find It At: Thingiverse

Door Stop

It’s never a pleasant scenario when you open some windows to let some fresh air into your home for a relaxing effect, only to be startled by the deafening bang your door produces as it slams shut with the wind coming in.

door stop
Source: Matearoa @ Thingiverse(CC BY-SA 3.0)

Luckily, you can 3D print your way out of this annoyance as well, as this handy 3D-printable door stop, which consists of two different pieces that stick to the wall and the door to create a mechanism that can hold the door open whenever necessary, will make sure that the wind can’t slam your doors anymore.

For best results, we recommend printing this door stop with either PETG or ABS, as the piece that attaches to the wall side can eventually bend and break when printed with PLA.

Created By: Matearoa

Find It At: Thingiverse

Key Holder

If there is one thing that can consistently get lost within the house, it’s a key, as we usually end up placing our keys wherever seems the most convenient at the time and then forget about it.

key holder
Source: mpgreenough1986 @ Thingiverse(CC BY 4.0)

This practical key holder (which also looks fantastic with its hexagonal design!) features multiple sizes of key fobs and a wall-mountable holder that you can slot the key fobs into, creating a dedicated and easily accessible storage space that you can use to store your keys in an organized manner.

Created By: mpgreenough1986

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Cutlery Drainer

While we can all agree that washing cutlery isn’t exactly a fun thing to do, what comes after, which is to dry the cutlery to ensure that they don’t leave a puddle of water beneath them, is even more of a hassle that many of us would like to avoid.

cutlery drainer
Source: aleiovanevcp @ Thingiverse(CC BY-SA 3.0)

This 3D-printable cutlery drainer, which comes in the form of a cute elephant as a bonus, is the perfect item to hold your newly-washed cutlery as the water drips off of them (which is then evacuated into the sink through the cute elephant’s trunk!), saving you from the trouble of manually drying the cutlery while also keeping the cutlery organized.

Created By: aleiovanevcp

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Toothbrush Holder

If you don’t have a dedicated spot where you can store your toothbrush and end up moving it from one place to the other all the time, whether it’s the countertop or a cup inside the bathroom cabinet, we have the perfect addition for your bathroom.

toothbrush holder
Source: JMSchwartz11 @ Thingiverse(CC BY-SA 3.0)

This 3D-printable toothbrush holder, which has enough room for four different toothbrushes, will give your and your family’s toothbrushes a new and permanent home, tidying up your bathroom and making it much more convenient for you and your family to find their toothbrush whenever necessary.

Created By: JMSchwartz11

Find It At: Thingiverse

Remote Control Holder

In today’s world, where it’s possible to find multiple devices with remote controls in the same living room space, whether it’s a streaming device, a soundbar, or a TV, it can definitely be tricky to find a spot where you can store all the remotes in an organized way.

remote control holder
Source: sahyun @ Thingiverse(CC BY 4.0)

If you’re also having trouble with storing your remote controls, this 3D-printable remote control holder, which is divided into five compartments for five different remotes, is a simple but effective solution that will provide your remotes with a dedicated storage place where they will stay organized at all times.

Created By: sahyun

Find It At: Thingiverse