Revamp Your Home Office with These 10 3D Printed Accessories

While creating a dedicated home office space where one can concentrate on their work without interruptions is practically a necessity in this day and age of remote work, organizing this space, especially when working with a limited area, can be more challenging than expected.

So, to help you organize your home office as best as possible, we have created a list of 10 carefully selected accessories that we believe will come in quite handy for the task, which, as you may predict, can all be printed in the comfort of your own home with your 3D printer!

Let’s begin!

Incastro Desk Organizer

We can all relate to how quickly a home office desk can get messy with a bunch of stuff, whether it’s stationery, sticky notes, flash drives, SD cards, or practically any other tool that you keep on your desk for daily use since you can’t store them anywhere convenient and easy to reach.

incastro desk organizer
Source: Davideantonello @ Printables(CC BY-NC 4.0)

This 3D-printable desk organizer system, called Incastro, consists of many different pieces with different purposes, ranging from holders that are designed explicitly for pencils to all-purpose holders that you can use to store any item of your preference, giving you the option to mix and match the pieces that would benefit you the most.

Combined with the base that holds all of these pieces together in one place, Incastro becomes the storage hub of your desk where you can easily find and access anything you need and makes it a breeze to keep your home office desk perfectly tidy.

Created By: Davideantonello

Find It At: Printables

Repositionable Laptop Stand

The screen of a laptop that is placed on top of a desk is definitely not the most comfortable thing to look at, as how the screen is angled usually forces us into sitting in an uncomfortable position to clearly see what’s displayed, especially if it’s text.

Luckily, your 3D printer can save you from this problem!

repositionable laptop stand
Source: bartnijs @ Thingiverse(CC BY 4.0)

With its repositionable design, this 3D-printable laptop stand allows you to instantly adjust the viewing angle of your laptop screen to your liking, making viewing a laptop screen just as comfortable as viewing a standard computer monitor.

Additionally, unlike most of the bulky laptop stands that you can find on the market, this 3D-printable laptop stand is quite portable (easily fits in a small backpack!), which makes it possible to take it wherever you go, whether it’s your office or the coffee shop you enjoy working at.

Created By: bartnijs

Find It At: Thingiverse

Cable Holder

If there’s one thing that a home office is usually full of, it’s cables, and when many of them come together, whether it’s for your smartphone, tablet, earbuds, or practically any other device that comes to mind, a mess is often inevitable.

cable holder
Source: TJH5 @ Thingiverse(CC BY 4.0)

This handy little 3D-printable cable holder, which you can stick to the side of your desk, is designed to hold cables in place regardless of whether they are plugged or not, ensuring that they are easy to reach when you need to plug them and that they don’t create a mess by stacking on top of each other when they’re already connected.

Since printing this cable holder with PLA can lead to the parts that hold the cable eventually breaking due to wear and tear, we recommend avoiding PLA if you plan to take the cable in and out of the holder frequently.

Created By: TJH5

Find It At: Thingiverse

Headphone Stand

While we can consider headphones to be an irreplaceable addition to our home office setups due to video meetings quickly becoming a staple of our daily lives when working remotely, they can sometimes be a bit bulky and hard to store.

headphone stand
Source: MakerBot @ Thingiverse(CC BY-SA 3.0)

With this 3D-printable headphone stand, you can now have a dedicated storage area where you can hang your headphones when they aren’t in use, which will allow you to save on some desk space that would otherwise be occupied with the headphones, and also make it easier to pick your headphones up when you need to use them!

Created By: MakerBot

Find It At: Thingiverse

Clip-On Cup Holder

If you enjoy having a beverage as you sit at your desk and get through the workday in your home office but struggle to find a safe (away from the electronics) and accessible place for your cup, we have just what you need!

clip on cup holder
Source: seilgu @ Thingiverse(CC BY 4.0)

This handy 3D-printable clip-on cup holder, designed to clamp onto your desk and create a dedicated space for your cup without taking away from your desk space, creates the perfect place to keep your cup while securing it in place to prevent any accidents from occurring.

As this cup holder will usually have to carry a decent amount of weight (the cup’s weight combined with the drink inside is nothing to scoff at!), we highly recommend refraining from using PLA for this print to ensure its integrity isn’t compromised over time.

Created By: seilgu

Find It At: Thingiverse

Phone Stand

While it’s not uncommon for a smartphone to be used in conjunction with a laptop in a home office setting, where the smartphone often acts as a second screen for reading purposes, we can all agree that looking down at the phone screen isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world.

phone stand
Source: GoAftens @ Thingiverse(CC BY 4.0)

With this simple but extremely useful 3D-printable phone stand that you can place on your desk, you can get a better viewing angle at your smartphone’s screen while you’re working on your computer, increasing both efficiency and convenience.

Created By: GoAftens

Find It At: Thingiverse

Monitor Clip

If you prefer to take notes on small pieces of paper rather than using your computer and require a dedicated storage area where you can easily access your notes as soon as you sit down at your desk, you will absolutely love this one!

monitor clip
Source: makkuro @ Thingiverse(CC BY-SA 3.0)

This 3D-printable monitor clip, which you can attach to the side of your monitor with some mounting tape, can hold a piece of paper that contains your notes for the day right next to your monitor, allowing you to see your notes for the day whenever you take a look at the screen.

Additionally, as this clip design comes with a few different labels, such as “ToDo” and “Work”, you can print a couple of different ones to organize your notes quickly and conveniently.

Created By: makkuro

Find It At: Thingiverse

Under Desk Drawer

If you assembled your home office space in a rush after remote work suddenly became the norm, it’s pretty likely that you already ran out of room to store things on top of your desk and are looking for a convenient way of expanding the storage space that is available for immediate access.

under desk drawer
Source: chimeranzl @ Thingiverse(CC BY-NC 4.0)

This 3D-printable drawer, which is meant to be attached to the underside of a desk (either with screws or with mounting tape), is the perfect addition to any home office with limited space and can help you quickly expand the storage area around your desk without the need for any extra purchases.

Additionally, as it’s possible to find four different designs, with no divider, with a vertical divider, with a horizontal divider, and with a four-way divider, you also have the option to customize the drawer space by picking the one that suits your needs the best!

Created By: chimeranzl

Find It At: Thingiverse

Self-Watering Planter

If you’ve been looking to add a touch of green to your home office with some plants but haven’t gotten around to finding containers that would aesthetically fit in with the theme of your workspace, we have the perfect design in mind for you!

self watering planter
Source: parallelgoods @ Thingiverse(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

With this 3D-printable planter, you can now have as many containers as you wish that precisely suits the color theme you’re going for home office, produced right in the comfort of your home, and beautify your home office with the plants of your liking.

Additionally, thanks to the planter’s self-watering design, you won’t have to worry too much about watering your plants regularly either, as you can simply top-up the water reservoir once the water inside runs out, and the planter will make sure that your plants get neither too little nor too much water.

Created By: parallelgoods

Find It At: Thingiverse

Micro SD Card Holder

While one major reason for the popularity of micro SD cards is their physical size, which makes it possible to keep terabytes of data in an object that barely weighs a gram, the small size can also be a bit of a drawback when trying to store the cards in an easy-to-find way.

micro sd card holder
Source: bgill @ Thingiverse(CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Luckily, with this handy 3D-printable micro SD card holder, which comes with enough slots for 18(!) cards and a lid to ensure that your cards stay both safe and also clean, you won’t ever have to worry about losing your micro SD cards again!

One thing to pay attention to when printing micro SD card holder is to scale the base at 110% and the lid at 111%, as reported in the Thingiverse comments, as printing them at default scale can create a scenario where the cards don’t fit, and the lid doesn’t screw on.

Created By: bgill

Find It At: Thingiverse