10 Practical (and Cool!) Things to 3D Print for Your Car

While toys and figurines are the first things that come to mind when looking for something to 3D print, there’s practically no end to all the different things you can create with your 3D printer, whether for fun or functional purposes.

To show you how you can use your 3D printer in many different areas, we have curated a list of 3D-printable items that we believe will be perfect additions to your car with the functionality they bring to the table and make your car driving experience much more pleasant in various ways!

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Sun Visor Clip for Sunglasses

Can’t find a convenient place to store your sunglasses in your car? No problem!

sun visor clip for sunglasses
Source: trevorlong @ Thingiverse (CC BY 4.0)

This handy little 3D-printable clip attaches to your car’s sun visor to create an excellent storage area for sunglasses that you can easily access in a heartbeat whenever you need.

While printing this clip with any filament should be possible, you will most likely want to go with an option such as ABS to ensure it doesn’t get deformed due to exposure to direct sunlight for long periods.

Created By: trevorlong

Find It At: Thingiverse

Seatback Bag Hooks

If you’re looking to maximize the storage area in your car or perhaps just need a convenient way to keep things a bit more organized, we’ve got you covered!

seatback bag hooks
Source: YoungBuck @ Thingiverse (CC BY-SA 3.0)

These 3D-printable hooks that attach to the back of your car’s front seats make it possible to store bags in areas that are easily accessible from the driver’s seat, removing the need to lean all the way to the back to reach the bags that would otherwise be on the floor or the backseat.

If you plan on hanging heavy bags on these hooks, it’s most likely a good idea to go for a more durable type of plastic than PLA, such as PETG or ABS, as parts printed with PLA can snap when exposed to heavy loads.

Created By: YoungBuck

Find It At: Thingiverse

Coin Organizer for Cup Holder

If you frequently end up with a large pile of coins in your car’s cup holder, this one is for you.

coin organizer for cup holder
Source: joshuatparr @ Thingiverse (CC BY 4.0)

This handy coin organizer, designed to sit in your car’s cup holder, comes with five different spaces allocated for differently-sized coins and an extra, larger space in the center you can utilize to store other things, such as some pens.

Created By: joshuatparr

Find It At: Thingiverse

Vent Cup Holder

Repeatedly finding yourself in a time crunch that ends up with you needing to have your morning coffee in your car?

vent cup holder
Source: Gryphe @ Thingiverse (CC BY-SA 3.0)

This 3D printed cup holder seamlessly attaches to the vents of your car, providing you with an easily-accessible space where you can place your coffee cup, which will especially come in handy if your cup holders are always full of other random stuff.

One thing we recommend being mindful of when using this vent cup holder is to ensure that the cup you’re using isn’t way too heavy, as the plastic that your car’s vents are made of may not be strong enough to carry such weight.

Created By: Gryphe

Find It At: Thingiverse

Adjustable Phone Holder

You can probably find a phone holder in almost any shop nowadays, but why go through the trouble of buying one when you can 3D print your own?

adjustable phone holder
Source: renars @ Thingiverse (CC BY 4.0)

This 3D printed phone holder attaches to the vents of your car, similar to any other car phone holder, and also comes with an adjustment screw that allows you to expand or tighten the phone holder to accommodate phones of different sizes, making it as useful as any other phone holder you would purchase.

Created By: renars

Find It At: Thingiverse

Foldable Can Holder

If you enjoy having an ice-cold soda in your car now and then but can’t find a convenient place to store the soda can, we have just what you need.

foldable can holder
Source: loumgg @ Thingiverse (CC BY 4.0)

This 3D-printable can holder attaches to your car’s door pocket, making it possible to store a 33cl can in an accessible place whenever necessary. Additionally, thanks to its foldable design, it stays completely out of the way when you aren’t using it!

Created By: loumgg

Find It At: Thingiverse

Cup Holder Expander

While you may think that all you need is an empty cup holder to enjoy your morning coffee in your car, coming across a cup that is too large for your car’s cup holder can quickly foil that plan.

cup holder expander
Source: dsnettleton @ Thingiverse (CC BY 4.0)

Fortunately, you can increase the size of your car’s cup holder with this handy 3D-printable cup holder expander, which acts as an adapter of sorts for your car’s cup holder by sitting inside it while creating a larger area that can accommodate a bigger cup.

Created By: dsnettleton

Find It At: Thingiverse

Passenger Seat Cup Holder

If you usually drive solo and would like to repurpose the passenger seat of your car for an extra bit of convenience, here is something you may find interesting.

passenger seat cup holder
Source: delsydsoftware @ Thingiverse (CC BY-SA 3.0)

This 3D-printable cup holder attaches to the passenger seat by sitting between the back and the bottom cushions of your car seat, giving you an extra place to store your drink if your cup holders are already packed with other things.

Created By: delsydsoftware

Find It At: Thingiverse

Backseat Tablet Mount

If you would like to provide some entertainment to your backseat passengers while you’re driving, you will love this 3D-printed item.

backseat tablet mount
Source: nidayand @ Thingiverse (CC BY 4.0)

This 3D-printable tablet mount attaches to the front seats of your car, practically creating an entertainment system for the backseat passengers that is similar to what you would find in an airplane once combined with a tablet.

Created By: nidayand

Find It At: Thingiverse

Ice Scraper for Windshield

Living in an area where snow and ice frequently end up blocking out your car’s windshield? Your 3D printer can help you out with that as well!

ice scraper for windshield
Source: Beatrice1975 @ Thingiverse (CC BY-SA 3.0)

This 3D-printable ice scraper handles ice and snow just as well as any ice scraper you would buy from the store, making it a handy little tool you can store in your car for a rainy day.

Using stronger plastic, such as PETG and ABS, and increasing infill is a good idea when printing this item, as you will want the ice scraper to be rigid enough not to bend or break when scraping the ice off.

Created By: Beatrice1975

Find It At: Thingiverse