We Aim to Make 3D Printing Simple & Enjoyable for Everyone

3D printing can be quite challenging, and especially so when you’re first starting out.

As 3D printing enthusiasts who had our fair share of difficulties over the years, both creative and technical, we fully understand how such difficulties can sometimes become quite disappointing, which is why we have created 3D Print Gorilla.

Simply put, 3D Print Gorilla is a place for all who are interested in 3D printing, regardless of expertise or purpose, where we will provide 3D printing ideas for those who are looking for something new to print and solutions for those who are experiencing issues with their prints, with the aim of making 3D printing simple and enjoyable for everyone.

With the experience that comes from using tens of 3D printers, going through hundreds of filament spools, and printing thousands of 3D models in our journey so far, we hope to create content that will be beneficial to everyone who enjoys 3D printing.

The Team

David Taylor


As a software developer by profession, David has been particularly interested in how 3D printing works even before he picked up his first 3D printer, and completely fell in love with the hobby once he got his hands on a Prusa i3 MK2 for the first time back in 2017. Due to him enjoying both the functional and the non-functional sides of 3D printing equally, you’ll rarely see David’s 3D printer in an idle state.

Maria Miller


Maria started her 3D printing journey in late 2018 when she saw the full potential of a 3D printer with her own two eyes (thanks David!), and hasn’t looked back since. As a graphic designer who especially enjoys the artistic side of things, Maria prefers to use her 3D printer to print figurines, trinkets, and decorative objects that she sprinkles around her office.