Bottom Layer Stringy on 3D Printed Part – Causes & Fixes

3d print bottom layer stringy cover image

While it may only seem like a cosmetic problem at first, a stringy bottom layer on the part you’re 3D printing is actually an issue that will most likely lead to the print failing completely, as it effectively means that your 3D printer wasn’t able to print the first layer, which will act as the … Read more

Ender 3 (Pro & V2 & Neo & S1) Not Extruding – Causes & Fixes

ender 3 not extruding cover image

While it all seems so simple when it comes together, extrusion is a pretty complex operation that relies on all the distinct software and hardware components working correctly together, which causes it to have multiple points of failure where even one of the parts becoming inoperational can bring everything to a halt. In this guide, … Read more

Why Is My UV Resin Sticky After Curing? (Prevention & Fixes)

uv resin sticky after curing cover image

While curing 3D-printed UV resin does seem like a straightforward procedure where not a whole lot can go wrong, there are some nuances to be aware of when carrying out the curing process to ensure that all parts of the resin harden correctly without any stickiness. In this guide, we will discuss the factors that … Read more

3D Printer Hotend Temperature Fluctuations – Causes & Fixes

hotend temperature fluctuations cover image

As hotend temperature is one of the primary factors that directly affect the rate of filament flowing out of your 3D printer’s nozzle, it’s vital for your 3D printer to maintain the target hotend temperature in a stable manner without any fluctuations involved for a successful print where over-extrusion or under-extrusion does not occur. In … Read more

OctoPi (Raspberry Pi) Not Connecting to WiFi – How to Fix It?

octopi raspberry pi not connecting to wifi cover image

While setting OctoPi up is a pretty straightforward process, with the Raspberry Pi Imager tool taking care of most things automatically, the fact that you only get one shot at correctly configuring the wireless network, combined with there being no way to tell whether there’s a problem (unless you hook your Pi up to a … Read more

Stringing and Blobs When Printing with PETG – Causes & Fixes

petg stringing and blobs cover image

As PETG is one of the materials that we can consider to be highly prone to oozing, the appearance of stringing and blobs when printing with PETG filament is a common problem that many users face when switching from a less ooze-prone filament, such as PLA, for the very first time. In this guide, we … Read more

PETG Sticking to the Nozzle During Printing – Causes & Fixes

petg sticking to the nozzle cover image

A relatively common problem that you can face when printing with PETG is the material sticking to the nozzle instead of the build plate, which effectively causes the print to fail as the 3D printer becomes unable to properly lay the first layer of the print down due to the material building up on the … Read more

Nozzle Too High After Leveling with BLTouch (Marlin) – How to Fix?

bltouch bed leveling nozzle too high cover image

While automatic bed leveling does solve a lot of problems, whether it’s slight errors in bed tramming or a warped bed that you can’t fix, correctly configuring the automatic bed leveling probe is still necessary to ensure that it can do its job correctly and not create a scenario where the nozzle position is still … Read more

Ender 3 / Ender 5 Thermal Runaway Error – Causes & Fixes

ender 3 ender 5 thermal runaway cover image

A thermal runaway error, which essentially means that the thermal runaway protection feature has kicked in and prompted the firmware to halt your 3D printer due to inconsistencies regarding temperature readings, is one of the more critical problems you can face when 3D printing, as an undetected thermal runaway can easily lead to a catastrophic … Read more