Bottom Layer Stringy on 3D Printed Part – Causes & Fixes

3d print bottom layer stringy cover image

While it may only seem like a cosmetic problem at first, a stringy bottom layer on the part you’re 3D printing is actually an issue that will most likely lead to the print failing completely, as it effectively means that your 3D printer wasn’t able to print the first layer, which will act as the … Read more

Ender 3 (Pro & V2 & Neo & S1) Not Extruding – Causes & Fixes

ender 3 not extruding cover image

While it all seems so simple when it comes together, extrusion is a pretty complex operation that relies on all the distinct software and hardware components working correctly together, which causes it to have multiple points of failure where even one of the parts becoming inoperational can bring everything to a halt. In this guide, … Read more

Why Is My UV Resin Sticky After Curing? (Prevention & Fixes)

uv resin sticky after curing cover image

While curing 3D-printed UV resin does seem like a straightforward procedure where not a whole lot can go wrong, there are some nuances to be aware of when carrying out the curing process to ensure that all parts of the resin harden correctly without any stickiness. In this guide, we will discuss the factors that … Read more

Marlin Firmware M301 / M303 / M304 G-Code Commands Explained

marlin firmware m301 m303 m304 gcode commands cover image

Whenever you set up a 3D printer for the first time or install new firmware to it, PID tuning is one of the vital calibration steps that you will need to take to ensure that your 3D printer can operate as intended, as correct PID values are an absolute necessity for both the hotend and … Read more

Marlin Firmware M106 / M107 G-Code Commands Explained

marlin firmware m106 m107 gcode cover image

While setting the fan speed is a task that the slicer software you’re using will handle through the G-code file it produces, there can be cases where it becomes necessary to manually adjust how quickly the fan runs, usually for testing purposes. In this guide, we will take you through the functionality and the usage … Read more

Ender 3 (Pro & V2 & Neo & S1) Acceleration & Jerk Configuration

ender 3 acceleration jerk cover image

While they’re often considered to be advanced settings, correctly configuring the acceleration, which essentially determines how quickly the printhead will speed up to its target velocity, and jerk, which we can describe as the speed at which the printhead will immediately accelerate to after a change of direction, is still a vital part of achieving … Read more

Which Glue Can You Use for PETG 3D Prints? Explained

petg glue cover image

Gluing 3D printed PETG parts together is usually a slightly more challenging process compared to other popular filaments such as PLA and ABS, as the chemically resistant nature of PETG plastic prevents most glues from forming bonds that are strong enough with it, which ends up with the glued parts separating pretty quickly. In this … Read more

Marlin Firmware G0 / G1 / G2 / G3 G-Code Commands Explained

g0 g1 g2 g3 gcode marlin firmware cover image

With the 3D printer constantly moving during the 3D printing process, the majority of a G-code file effectively consists of movement-related G-code commands, whether it’s for moving from one point to the other to start extruding a layer for the first time or following the extrusion path to finish the layer up. In this guide, … Read more